No Pastured chicken shares in 2019!

Pastured Broiler Chickens - $6.00/lb

Chickens moved to fresh grass daily!

Chickens moved to fresh grass daily!

We pasture raise broiler chickens between May and October. Our truly pasture raised chickens are raised in a chicken tractor and moved daily. They spend their days in this secure shelter, scratching and hunting for bugs and seeds.  Our pastured broilers are processed on farm.  Our chickens average 4 lbs after processing.  They are supplied frozen and shrink wrapped. 2018 broiler price is $6.00/lb.
Chicken organs (heart/lung) and necks available separately - please contact us for availability.
Chicken feet also available: $0.50 per foot–  please contact us for availability.

Diet and Health

Our chickens eat no GMO feed! When needed, they are supplemented with an Organic (No soy/corn) grower feed. They receive no hormones or antibiotics. We care for our animals like family to make sure they are healthy and comfortable.  We use no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides of any kind on our pastures.

Read more about how we raise our animals to better-than-organic standards.


How to Buy

Due to limited freezer space, we raise our pastured chickens in small, pre-sold batches of 25.  (You do not have to buy 25 chickens at one time - you can buy any amount between 1 and 25).  We will announce all chicken shares via our newsletter.  (You can sign up for our newsletter here) A deposit of $10 per chicken is required to reserve your chicken. 

Once your chicken is processed, you will be charged $6.00/lb. and your deposit will be deducted. For example, a 4lb. chicken will cost $24 ($6.00/lb. x 4 lbs. = $24). Since you already paid a $10 deposit, your will only pay $14 upon pickup.

If you are interested in 20 or more chickens at 1 time, please contact us. We would love you raise a custom batch just for you!